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Our Story

The Golden Bubble is a small business by Wells, Minnesota. We are a venue that can be used for events such as wedding receptions, anniversary parties, company meetings, graduation parties, etc. 

The Golden Bubble is owned by Jeff & Ann Erickson of Alden, Minnesota.

Sparkling Sand

Golden Bubble History

July 1, 1955- The first day that the Golden Bubble opened as just the steakhouse by Dick & Hazel Pefiffer and Harry Larson.

1962- The Golden Bubble was purchase by Harry & Marg Krueger (pictured below) and at this time all that was there was the steakhouse. Harry & Marg are Jeff Erickson’s grandparents.

December 4, 1963- The grand opening of the ballroom portion of the Golden Bubble.

June 1, 1976- Ron Palucha purchased the Golden Bubble and he ran it for 22 months.

1978- It traded hands to Kenny & Gloria Thompson

1980- The ballroom burnt. It was rebuilt and then reopened. Kenny & Gloria ran the ballroom for 27 years, until they sold it in 2005.

2005- The Golden Bubble was then used to sell antiques out of.

January 8, 2018- Jeff & Ann Erickson bought The Golden Bubble, and that is where the ownership is at currently.

August 10, 2019- Grand Reopening of the Golden Bubble!

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